Pop quiz, hotshot

So you might’ve noticed a new wee flyer on your table in Dock Cafe last week… it’s only the introduction of the new almighty amazing DOCK QUIZ!
2015-07-25 20.09.23

Every week brings a new question, and a new prize.  The answers to every question can be found somewhere, somehow in Dock Cafe – so if you don’t know the answer straight away, a bit of detective work will get you there!

2015-04-04 17.04.30The questions – and the prizes – are all about exploring our beautiful Titanic Quarter and finding out more about our TQ neighbours

We’ve already got one winner – congrats Alora Todman, you’ve just won a game for 4 at Odyssey Bowl!  The answer (Queens Island was originally called Dargan’s Island) is on one of the info boards on the wall of the cafe.  (And will of course be instantly known to anyone who’s been on the Wee Tram!)

The next question is on the tables already – so get your thinking caps on…

Hey hey, gorgeous cafe

Have you been in Dock Cafe recently?  It’s looking pretty smart!

IMG_2257As you can imagine, after the 5,500 customers who swung by during the Tall Ships weekend had left, both the volunteers and the cafe were looking a bit wrecked!

But nothing can stop the utter amazingness of the Dock team and the wonderful volunteers…  Over the 12th weekend the cafe was closed for a couple of days – but rather than taking the whole time to lie in a darkened room, James and the gang got to work on a refurb of the cafe.

Floor re-painted (you could eat your dinner off it now!), walls, painted, wobbly furniture fixed, artwork freshened up, lots of new furniture moved in to create new cosier corners, snazzy wooden floor fitted in the loo, and a nice coat of H&W yellow on the railings at the entrance – the place looks amazing!

(Thanks to our tweeting customers for some of the pics!)

IMG_2285If I thought I was proud of the team during the Tall Ships – the fact that they managed to muster the energy to do all this work the very next weekend is just breathtaking!

Call in soon to admire their handiwork – and make sure to say a wee word of thanks to the volunteers while you’re there.  What they’re doing is nothing short of miraculous.


Days Like This

Please note – Dock Cafe is closed for renovations and refurbishment (and – hey – maybe a wee holiday too?!) from Thursday 9th – Mon 13th July

But oh my word… what a July we’ve had so far.  We’ve figured out that Dock Cafe served 5,510 customers over four incredible days of Tall Ships, tremendous crowds and terrific fun:

Meanwhile, just a few doors along, the wonderful traders at Dock Market were similarly packed to the rafters with happy customers browsing their amazing selection of home-made hand-crafted goodness:

And on the Wee Tram – if we’d had twenty trams, we still couldn’t have squeezed everyone on board who wanted a ride!  What a weekend!

And what a perfect way to bring it to a close at our monthly Sunday Nights at The Dock service – chatting to ex-Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon about the signs of hope, vision and compassion she can see bubbling to the surface in Belfast, and giving thanks that we are living through these undreamt-of days in our city.

All of which leaves me at something of a loss for words to convey how grateful, humbled, impressed and in love I am with our amazing Dock volunteers, our incredible staff members, our lovely customers and the brilliant buzzing beautiful community we’re part of…

As Van the Man once sang, “Well my mama told me, there’ll be days like this”!