A slice of life (and jam sponge)

A few little slices of life from a fabulous Friday in The Dock…

These freshly-baked jam sponges were donated by students from Belfast Met (and had all been eaten approx 0.003456 seconds later)

2014-04-11 16.13.37

As always on Fridays, Barney brought his fiddle for a bit of trad live music in the afternoon – accompanied for the first time today by Krystjan on guitar:

Our return to Summer opening hours proved popular with lots of customers enjoying the chilled-out early evening vibe:

2014-04-11 18.31.50

Amidst all the chat and craic there’s always a quiet corner in The Dock – sometimes watching the world go by through the windows, or sometimes engaging with one of the many creative ways to pray in the Dock Prayer Garden:

2014-04-11 15.31.19

And finally – if a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million more.  So I’ve been practising with a rather snazzy new app called Spark Camera so that I can take little slice-of-life movies of Dock Cafe life in action without having to sit swearing at iMovie for hours to edit them. So expect to see plenty more of these:

The very DRAMATIC story of Dock Cafe. Dum Dum DUMMMM!!

Everyone laughs at me for using massively dramatic epic soundtrack music in lots of my Dock videos… all I can say is that, for those of us involved in the birth and explosive growth of Dock Cafe, from day to day it felt as dramatic, epic, dangerous, exciting, frustrating, moving and soul-stirring as the most mind-blowingly epic movie.

And for emotions like that, only Hans Zimmer will do.  So stick on your headphones (or crank up your speakers) and push Play!

The very DRAMATIC story of Dock Cafe. Dum Dum DUMMMM!!! from The DOCK Church on Vimeo.

PS Don’t forget that tonight is the latest in another very exciting (Dum Dum DUMMMMMM!!!, again) development in The Dock – our monthly services on board SS Nomadic.  Tonight – a tale of three decks – Nomadic’s, Titanic’s and Carpathia’s.  See you at 6!


Spring is coming…

At last – Dock Cafe stops being a cosy place to watch the rain on the windows – and becomes an airy space to bask in the sunshine!

With the longer evenings comes extended opening hours – so from 7th April you can enjoy marvellous mornings, amazing afternoons and easy-living early evenings in the best coffee spot on the planet:
Screenshot 2014-04-01 11.10.21

The start of April also means the start of the third year of business at Titanic Belfast (hard to believe for those of us who watched it emerge out of the ground over the past few years)  For their birthday they released this excellent little video – how cool is Eric Kuhne!

The campaign to make Eric’s phrase “It’s a lot easier for people to throw rocks than to build something” the new Belfast motto starts here!

But of course the new Belfast motto is actually ‘She Was All Right When She Left Here’ – don’t forget to meet at The Dock at 7pm on 2nd April for our walk in the footsteps of Titanic on the day she left Belfast:
Screenshot 2014-03-20 19.27.37

And on the topic of mottos, ‘Spring is coming’ is of course a misquote from Game Of Thrones – which (O unbearable excitement) starts its new series on Sky Atlantic on 7th April.  Here’s a taster:

So, plenty happening!  Did you notice that the cafe opens until 7 from the 7th, that the Titanic event tomorrow starts at 7, and that Game Of Thrones begins again on the 7th?  You can’t say I don’t make this stuff easy to remember!