Slices of life

The sun is streaming through the windows of Dock Cafe.  The door is propped open to allow a cooling sea breeze to waft through.  The students are wearing expressions of either a) pre-exam terror or b) post-exam contentment.  The number of tourists seems to increase every day –  the ‘Pin Where You Come From’ map is becoming full-to-bursting.  Everyone has that nice sun-soaked vibe that just cannot be replicated on a rainy day in December.  Summer is here!

So a few little slices of Dock life from the last few weeks…

A chilled-out cafe on a sunny afternoon:

A fantastic group of students from Murray State University in Kentucky – fresh off the plane:

…and squeezed into the Wee Tram!

A little taste of Heaven: the Dock gang worshipping together at our Sunday Night service as the setting sun streams in through the windows:

And the Titanic Quarter community taking shape: the ARC residents forum meeting at Dock Cafe to hear the latest news and get to know the neighbours:

And a few snapshots of birthday cake, thank you notes, knitting groups, glowing reviews and far-flung visitors…

Life in the Titanic Quarter – life in all its fulness!

A fair cop, guv

Well I have thunk my thoughts… Four Wednesdays in a row starting at what-in-the-world-o’clock for Thought For The Day live from the Beeb!

We covered subjects as diverse as lorrybridgeophobia, magical dishwashing pixies, horizontal trees and – today (introduced by Dock regular Chris Buckler!) – my criminal past.  Brace yourselves…

Have a guess if this statement is true or false: I’ve been in trouble with the law this past week. Now some of you are thinking – might be true, he sounds a bit dodgy. Some of you are thinking – never! that wee innocent minister with his Honesty Box cafe?

So let me give you the details: I was driving home, late at night. Long hard day at work, ready to collapse, but I realised I was about to run out of petrol. Just made it to the petrol station, and as I turned back out on to the main road there was a ‘No Right Turn’ sign. But there wasn’t a soul to be seen on the road at that hour of the night – so i turned right. And then – the dreaded flashing blue lights in my mirror.  Nicked, fair and square!

So what do you think now, True or false? I’m willing to bet you all believe now that it is a true story (and it is!) – and it’s the details that convinced you. The practical details – the long day, the late night, the petrol station, the road sign – but also the psychological details – you can put yourself in my shoes at the end of a hard day, weighing up the small risk of disobeying the sign against the strong call of a comfy sofa and a cup of tea.

That’s how we mostly decide if a story is true – when not just the physical practical details add up, but when it feels true psychologically, when people act and react in realistic ways.

The Easter story is the biggest ‘True or False’ in the whole of history. Did Jesus rise from the dead? – if it’s true, everything changes; if it’s false, we’ve wasted a lot of time and energy for the last 2000 years. But to me, the stories of the people who witnessed and walked through the first Easter absolutely have that ring of truth.

The physical details add up – the dates, the places, the timescales – but more than that, the people involved react the way I think I would react if someone who had died was alive again. There’s no sudden acceptance, no-one just says “oh! well that’s all right then”. We’re told that the women who find the empty tomb are “trembling and bewildered” and say nothing to anyone because they are afraid. Thomas demands physical proof, to touch the nail marks in Jesus’ hands and side. Even as Jesus barbecues breakfast on the beach, the disciples don’t dare ask “Is it really you?”

As the story progresses, as they become convinced, I become convinced. But in case I’ve lost all credibility now you know my criminal past, answer for yourself: Jesus is alive – death is defeated – love has won… amazing, shocking statements – can they be true?

Rising Stars

Our hopes were high… The Dock reached the finalist shortlist for the NI Rising Stars awards and we went along to the fancy awards shebang with fingers crossed.

But alas! this happened:

But hey! The Dock is FULL of rising stars and we don’t need some flipping award (mutter mutter) to tell us so…

For example, look at our amazing team of volunteers.  Over the last few weeks they have all given up an evening to attend one of Stevo’s fantastic in-depth training sessions – from how to make the perfect cup of Suki Tea, to what to say to a confused tourist who has never heard of an Honesty Box, to the intricate moods and whims of Doris the Dock Dishwasher… EVERYTHING was covered!

And look at the result… Dock Cafe is more welcoming, more cosy and more heavenly than ever – and every visitor always comments that it’s down to the cheery volunteers (who is the mystery “lovely older gentleman” – anyone want to claim that one!):

The volunteers also came up trumps again at A Night To Remember – the annual remembrance service to mark the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Wild and windswept we gathered at 11:40pm on the slipways after an evening of storytelling and dramatic reconstruction of the Titanic story – so no candles this year (just mobile phone flashlights!), but the care and enthusiasm of the Dock volunteers held it all together.

And it’s not just the Cafe volunteers… I was with the Dock Market gang recently for their setup in the Odyssey Pavilion at the crack of dawn – how inspiring to watch them turn such a big space into a riot of colour, creativity and quirky originality.  Don’t miss the next Dock Market at the Odyssey on Sat 22nd April!

And finally (for now…) some of the unseen Rising Stars of the Dock: the Dock Angels, who have been steadily signing up ever since our birthday party back in March.   Dock Angels are people who support the Dock financially – whether through a one-off donation or a regular gift.

As the Dock shines brighter and brighter, we couldn’t survive without their support – and if you want to join them you can find all the details here.

Stars, every one of ya!  Now to put in a bit more practise at the “gracious loser face”…