A poetical way of saying CLOSED

10551115_1030797080269764_4203688881244578298_n‘Twas the week before Christmas
And all over the caff
There was no chat or banter
Not even a laugh

The Dock team were resting
Their year’s hard work done
And each one reflecting
“Man alive, that was fun!”

(with apologies to poets everywhere)

And so with massive, heartfelt and profound thanks to all our Dock volunteers (legends every one of ’em), customers, neighbours and supporters –

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a hopeful, peaceful end to 2014.

It’s been quite a year…

Do we know it’s Christmas time at all?

Christmas can officially start now – here are the pictures from last Thursday night to prove it…

We started off by candlelight in Dock Cafe – amazing to hear a packed crowd of local residents, students, businesspeople, Dock volunteers and visitors belting out some favourite Christmas carols

Then we ventured out into the softly falling snow (yes actually, how’s that for timing!) as Santa proved once and for all that he don’t need no chimney:

Then Santa and the elves led us across the bridge to SS Nomadic…

Where our wonderful neighbours were waiting with hot drinks and mince pies (as well as a specially-made grotto for the star guest)

And finally we all made our way to Dock Market to eat, drink and Christmas shop amongst the wafting scents of sizzling burgers, waffles, cupcakes and freshly-cut Christmas trees…

Now THAT’S a Titanic Christmas!

Massive thanks to all who made it such a special night… these Titanic Christmases keep getting bigger and better every year.  I can’t think of a nicer community to share in the fun of bringing some Christmas spirit…

Today and tomorrow

Today at Dock Cafe…
Cosy on a dark winter’s day… exhausted shoppers restoring their bodies and souls with coffee and conversation… families gathering around board games… a bridal shower filling the room with laughter and joy… just down the road Dock Market sizzling with freshly-cooked burgers, hot dogs and waffles…

And Christmas arrived… Under Sally’s creative supervision the cafe was gradually filled with hand-made decorations, stars, snowflakes, bathed in the unbeatable scent of a proper real Christmas tree:

Every customer was invited to cut out their own snowflake while they sipped their coffee – resulting in a Christmas window display that’s personal,  hand-made and unique – perfectly Dock!
2014-12-06 17.50.02

Tomorrow at Dock Cafe…
Cosy on a dark winter’s evening… gather at 6pm for Sunday Nights at The Dock – worship, prayer and good news stories with the team from The Dock

And while the service is over by 7:15(ish), you don’t have to rush away… you don’t even have to leave after you’ve enjoyed some coffee and Suki tea and fresh baked goodies… because Dock Cafe is open for 24-7 Prayer from Sunday evening until 9am on Tuesday morning.

11840045176_46a68a717f_zThe cafe will be filled with creative prayer stations so you can use lots of different senses, styles and subjects when you spend a bit of time with God.  You won’t have to do anything weird or uncomfortable or pray out loud.  You can call in at any time (and I mean any time – we’ve got two overnights to get through!) between the Sunday night service and 9am on Tuesday morning.  If you’d like to pick one particular slot, you can check in here or sign up at the service.

This is what it looked like when 24-7 swept through The Dock at the beginning of 2014 – what an exciting opportunity to (nearly) end the year the way we began: