Lots of News

There’s a new artist on display this week: Peter Lennon’s stunning local photography is up on the wall behind the coffee bar and looks absolutely amazing:

BvFYZmMIUAAnCfC.jpg-largeThere’s a new super-duper boiler behind the counter (James called it “the Ferrari of boilers” – he gets excited by things like that), thanks to our wonderful tea suppliers at Suki Tea.  (Any rumours of a burst pipe and a Titanic-style flood during its installation, complete with anguished cries of “Women and children first!”, are of course completely true.)

But all credit to Wes and Colin who brought the raging waters back under control and were therefore rewarded with the first cuppa from the new Ferrari:

There are new flavours of coffee on offer as well – every week we’ll be showcasing a new gourmet blend of some of the richest, tastiest, most exotic coffees from all over the world (all freshly ground on site just minutes before making their way into your mug).   Just check the the blackboard on the pillar beside the counter to see what’s brewing this week:

There’s even some new flora and fauna – have you seen the huge new purple trees, donated by our Abseiling Window Cleaners?

And as always in The Dock, it’s not the product that matters as much as the process.  Much as I love having superb coffee, tea and artwork in the cafe, what really brings me joy is the knowledge that it’s all thanks to people donating their time, gifts, talent, energy, enthusiasm and even plumbing skills… A community of people bound by the immense fun of living Life in the Titanic Quarter.