Treats of the day and Thoughts for the day

Can it be that Dock Cafe is actually getting kind of… a little bit.. FANCY?!

Over the Summer we’ve been experimenting with having a daily Treat Of The Day – we asked our wonderful bakers at French Village to surprise us with something different every day that isn’t on our usual  menu.

We’ve had everything from chocolate croissants and custard & raisin swirls to lemon cream muffins… yum!  Regulars know to come in nice and early as they don’t hang around long – as you can see from these two pics taken a short time apart!

Meanwhile Stevo (or Ice-Man as we should now call him) has a new toy – Dock Cafe is now the proud owner of an ice machine so we can make delicious Suki iced teas!

And going icy isn’t your only option in the tea selection – you can also bring a bit of mystery into your life…   I’m sipping today’s Mystery Tea as I type and it’s delicious!

And there’s no more excuse for driving straight past Dock Cafe without knowing where we are – great to see the Dock (along with our wonderful Spar and our brand-new neighbours at the Paper Cup Coffee Shop) on the funky new signs out the front of the Arc apartments:

Speaking of direction (ooh, terrible cheesy link), at our most recent Sunday Nights service we gathered together a group of people who often start your day with a little direction and inspiration: regular Thought For the Day contributors Martin Magill, Frank Sellar (and yours truly).

It was fascinating to learn how different we each are in the ways that we prepare and deliver our Thoughts – and humbling to hear lots of stories of the responses we have each received – from awe-inspiring stories of life-change, to the people who complain that we sound younger on the radio than we look in real life!

My take-away from the evening was a profound gratitude that the BBC provide a space for such a varied, profound and interesting group of people to start your day.  Even in the few sample Thoughts that we shared as part of the evening, it was amazing to see how different people react to different approaches, and how one person’s least favourite style can be utterly life-transforming for someone else.

It’s worth remembering that BBC iPlayer collects all the daily Thoughts on this neat little page so you can check back and re-listen to any that really caught your attention.

And if you’d like to join us for our next Sunday night of worship, thanksgiving, inspiration and great coffee – we’ll be meeting again this Sunday (6th Aug) at 6pm at Dock Cafe and we’re intending to go for a little dander – bring your walking shoes!