The Dock Cafe

We’re closed, but you can still (kind of) visit with our virtual tour!

Dock Cafe, like most venues, is currently closed while the world faces an unprecedented health crisis. It makes us sad that we can’t welcome you to this special place to enjoy community and share stories and rest in the prayer garden. But we can open our virtual doors! If you miss being here (and let’s face it, we all do) simply take a 360 degree tour – it’s almost like being there! Why not pop the kettle on, make your favourite beverage and ‘walk’ around (in a digital way) while giving thanks, praying for God’s blessing and looking forward to the day we can be there in person once again.

Being in isolation like this got us thinking: The Dock is all about community, we are social beings who thrive in company and struggle when alone for too long. Let’s continue to reach out to our neighbours (from a safe distance for now), find comfort in simple things and dig deep into our faith. All shall be well.

And when you’ve finished your cuppa you can still drop your donation into the box as usual – but this time it’s on the ‘donate’ tab! Even though we’re closed we are facing ongoing essential costs and there is no daily income to see us through so if you’d like to help us out we’d be so grateful.

Be well until we meet again.