The Dock Cafe

We do things differently…

The Dock Cafe proudly serves:

Run by teams of volunteers, The Dock Cafe serves up a never-ending supply of award-winning locally sourced Sukí teas, freshly ground DOCK blend and guest coffees and tasty soups, scones and bakes. There is plenty of space to relax on a comfy sofa, and free wi-fi to catch up on work.

There is no price list; instead, we have an honesty box and let our customers choose what to pay.

Throughout The DOCK Cafe you’ll find an ever-expanding collection of quirky pieces of history from the Belfast docks: Titanic memorabilia, models and unique pictures of shipyard life, and artefacts from the lovely old H&W Drawing Offices.

You can see Edward Harland’s signature, Thomas Andrews’ door and displays showing SS Nomadic’s restoration and HMS Caroline’s final days in use.

You might even be eating your lunch off one of the old tables from the Drawing Offices!

The DOCK Cafe is full of inspiring artwork, photography and sculpture, all the work of local artists; there’s even a Titanic made out of discarded metal.

It’s all part of creating thousands of discussion-starters around the busy hubbub of cafe life.

None of the sofas, tables, chairs, mugs or plates in The Dock Cafe match, because every single one has been donated by one of our customers.

But it’s no junk shop: we’re pretty fussy about what goes on display and into use. We like to call the resulting fusion ‘Victorian-Edwardian-Industrial-Pop-Up-Chic’.

Life in the Titanic Quarter thrives here, in the form of book clubs, knitting groups, work get-togethers, cycle-club stops, brainstorming sessions, family catch-ups, chess games, and a thousand other unplanned, unforced expressions of community every day.

The DOCK Cafe is dog-friendly

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