Snow Days (and Dock Walk info)

Aren’t snow days just awesome!  Apologies to those of you who’ve found all the snow a massive nuisance and wish it would all go away, but for loads of us, the snow brings a welcome change of pace to the hectic week before Christmas.

My sis has just called in (bringing some very delish cheesecake) to say that even cardiac theatre in the Royal has switched to emergency-only operation so that staff don’t have to make dangerous journeys in to work.  Tullylish parish, where I was due to preach tomorrow morning, have just phoned to postpone my visit until after Christmas – thanks guys! – might’ve been interesting getting along those country roads in the Mighty Micra.  All sorts of gatherings, dinners, nights out and long-planned events over the next day or two are being called-off.  And do I often detect a note of relief in these announcements? – it’s not that we don’t love all these Christmas shindigs, but for lots of people at this time of year an unexpected night in front of the fire is like a little treat – an early Christmas pressie.

Which brings me to the Dock Walk.  In common with many churches preparing for events tomorrow, can I stress – don’t take any chances on the roads to make it along tomorrow.  If you’re snowed-in, if your car isn’t designed for these conditions, if you have the slightest doubt about being able to get home safely, don’t do it!  The authorities are advising that people only drive if their journey is vital, and I think we should take their warnings seriously.

Sus and I are planning to take the train in to Belfast tomorrow for the Dock Walk – if you have a similarly safe and convenient way of getting to the TQ tomorrow afternoon, then it would be fab to see you at 3:33 as usual (and I’m sure it will be a fantastic walk in a snow-blanketed TQ).  But don’t do anything daft to get there!

Over the next few weeks, the Dock Walk schedule looks like this:

Sunday 26th December (Boxing Day): no Dock Walk, to allow for sofa-wallowing with turkey-filled bellies

Friday 31st December (New Years Eve): we’ll have a special ‘What a year!’ Dock Walk, at 3:33pm as usual – a chance to share stories about the ups and downs of 2010 in each of our lives, while walking through a TQ that has been completely transformed during this past year.  We’ll be finished by 5:00 to allow everyone to get ready to make merry…

Sunday 2nd January: Dock Walks return to their usual pattern, every Sunday, 3:33pm at The Streat. And we’ll start a new year of Dock Walks and Dock events – who knows what 2010 holds for us!