Taking A Leap… eventually… sort of…

The moment has finally arrived… after delays, postponements and an exciting incident involving a lorry being hijacked (check out http://www.thedockchurch.org/blog/?p=498), this Saturday sees the long-awaited arrival of the Titanic Leap.

Except… not exactly as planned. This is the deeply apologetic letter from the lovely people at Habitat For Humanity:

“Unfortunately the company who were contracted to operate the Powerfan for Titanic Leap has again let us down, in a most inappropriate and unprofessional manner, and we have been forced to change the extreme challenge! ¬†ALPS Scotland who has been working in the extreme sports industry for 20 years will be in Belfast, organising a zip line across the Lagan, on the 19th June and has agreed to extend their event to include us. We are delighted. We only wanted the very best substitute event possible for all you leapers! We believe we have got it and the event can go ahead which is fantastic news.”

So the new plan is – at 5:15pm on Saturday afternoon I’ll be leaping across the Lagan from the Big Fish at Lagan Weir, and landing a few scary seconds later in the Titanic Quarter… Still a pretty good option, so big respect to the Habitat For Humanity people, who seem to be having a bit of a nightmare of a time, for getting it sorted.

And of course, since the point of the whole thing is to raise money for Habitat For Humanity and the fantastic work they do in providing housing and dignity for people across the world, maybe this is a good time to point you to my JustGiving page, where you can safely and securely sponsor me for whatever I end up doing on Saturday:


And if you’re free on Saturday you can come and see the leap in action, because watching a grown man cry with fear is always fun!

Speaking of which – I’ll sign off with a YouTube clip of a prank being played on someone doing a bungee jump – imagine the moment of terror!