Very exciting update 1: No i in Team

I’ve just uploaded a new Dock Movie to the website and – with all due humility – it’s the best one yet!  Or at least, it’s a chance for me to say something that’s been churning around in me for the last wee while.  Have a look and see what you think:
(warning: this movie contains scenes of extreme power balladry)

No i in Team from The DOCK Church on Vimeo.

…or in lower-definition for sllooowwww internet connections:

So, what do you reckon? Five teams ready to hit the streets of the TQ – Prayer, Ambassadors, Creative, Nuts & Boats, and On The Ground. The Dock project is gaining momentum and the excitement is building. The TQ is filling up with people and potential and signs of new life. God is working. And maybe for just some of you who check in with this blog, one of those teams represents a chance for you to get involved.

If so, c’mon ahead! Get in touch ( and let’s talk. Don’t want to live by myself, by myself any more…

3 thoughts on “Very exciting update 1: No i in Team”

  1. Hi Chris could you add me to your mailing list I am interested in what you are trying to do, currently Joachim is forwarding me your e-mails. I am in a bit of a dilema at the moment, still sure of a belief/faith in God, but absolutely not sure of the direction conventional worship and for that matter conversation is taking me. I think you could help I like the fresh approach and open minded apsects of what you say

  2. Greetings to TQ Headquarters,
    I would love to be a piece of that rubber that hits the road at TQ. Perhaps I could help with prayer and coffee-they go well together, a good brew and great for the spirit. Congratulations Chris on an exciting innovative film using all those talents you showed at ST P&J. Hoping to join you with Jason and a friend on Sunday 20th for a walk. Can I bring a canine friend or is that not allowed. very excited about what you are doing and if i can be a lighthouse I’d love to try. Thanks for all your work and dedication. Greetings to Susan. Shalom

  3. That’s great Fiona – and yes of course canine friends are allowed on the Dock Walk! (one person mis-heard the name as the Dog Walk and thought that you HAD to bring a four-legged friend along!)

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