Parsnip Lady!

Today was the anniversary of The Dock’s darkest day.  It was this time last year, at the Diocesan Synod, that I gave a defenceless woman a black eye by throwing a parsnip at her (if you’re new to the blog and you’re thinking Whaatttt???, the full gory story is here.)

Today was Synod Day again, and a chance to give a quick update to m’learned friends about all the exciting progress in recent months.  In case Edith was there, I had brought a crash helmet to provide her with appropriate protection if anything went awry this year – and sure enough, as I walked up to the podium, there she was in the front row!  She gratefully accepted the crash helmet – just in case – but thankfully this year my talk at Synod was injury free – hurrah!

So Edith really is a Dock Hero.  It was fantastic to see her again today – sans black eye – and catch up with one of the warmest, funniest (and – phew! – most forgiving) people I have met in the course of Dock World.  She even told me that she took the parsnip home to make soup – what a great way to deal with the unexpected slings and arrows (and parsnips ) of life.  Edith, when the day comes to smash a bottle of champagne against the Dock boat, we won’t need royalty – your name will be at the top of the list.

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