Sunday’s coming…

It is great, great, great being involved in Dock-world at the minute.  Y’know how I posted a few months ago about how the wheels and cogs were starting to turn faster and faster (kinda like – cheesy link – the Titanic engines bursting into life)?  Well the momentum just keeps building – and it’s all good stuff.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating some major milestones in Dock-world.  We’re soon about to have the first-ever Board of Directors meeting, which will help establish The Dock as a company in its own right, and as a genuinely shared initiative across our church denominations.  We’re about to start a fundraising programme with the vision of having The Dock Boat in place in the Titanic Quarter as soon as possible.  And we’re about to commission a new member of The Dock chaplaincy team.

Things start getting busy this coming Sunday (10th April).

First up, Kev the Rev will be kick-starting the fundraising programme by running the TQ 10K run to raise funds for The Dock.  You can see him off at the starting line on the Queens Road at 1:30, greet him at the finish line at Arc Apartments mere minutes later (right Kev?) or sponsor him using the form which you can download by clicking the picture to your left.

Then, at 3:33pm (before you ask, we just chose the time because it’s easy to remember – everyone thinks there must be some special significance to the number!) we’ll be Dock Walking as always – fresh air, exercise, friendship, prayer, worship, discussion and of course a complimentary coffee at the Premier Inn to finish with – what’s not to like?

Then in the evening, the Metropolitan Tabernacle are holding an event in the Odyssey Arena called ‘Hope – Now and Forever’.  Gospel choirs, drama, music, a message from Pastor McConnell and free transport from all areas of the city – it’s going to be a huge event and The Dock will be there!  Slightly different from my usual Sunday evening, but in the spirit of the Shared Medley, I’m really looking forward to something a bit different and the chance to join in worship with thousands of others in the Titanic Quarter!

The event starts at 6:45, admission is free and if you’d like to find out more click here.

Sounds like a great day…