Dock Cafe’s Big Day

Oh my word!  I thought that the day we signed the Meanwhile Lease was the most exciting day in the history of Dock EVER – but the day I’ve just had beats it to a pulp!

This was the day the signs went up:

This was the day the artwork (from the Yard Gallery in Holywood) went on the walls:

This was the day the electricity got connected and the lights went on:

This was the day that we collected the first batch of furniture – comfy seats, squashy sofas, and Tegan The Barista’s very own coffee bar:


But today was only the start… tomorrow is going to be even better!

As you can see from the photos, pretty much everything is now in place to turn Dock Cafe from an empty shop unit to a warm, welcoming, beautiful, thriving community hub.  And that’s what we’re gonna do by sunset tomorrow.

Time is of the essence – Eamonn Holmes and the Songs of Praise team are returning to the TQ on Sunday morning, and they want to film in Dock Cafe.  So this is our Day of Reckoning, people of The Dock – let’s rise to the challenge!  do it for Eamonn!  11am onwards tomorrow (Saturday) at  – (oh how I’m going to enjoy saying this for the first time) – AT DOCK CAFE IN THE TITANIC QUARTER!  Yeah!  Seeya there!