Fireworks at church

Tomorrow’s Dock Walk ends with a bang… We’ll arrive back for our customary steaming mugs of coffee, tea and hot chocolate just in time to watch the fireworks display at the Odyssey through the window.  If you’ve been thinking of joining us at 3:33 on Sunday afternoons to walk, talk, laugh, pray and enjoy God’s fabulous creation – maybe this is the week!

A really special day in Dock Cafe today – one of those days when everything is just right.

Great atmosphere, great people, visitors from all over the world, lots of different chats with interesting people, new faces, old faces…  We were even visited by both my parents and my parents-in-law, but even that couldn’t spoil the day.  (only joking!)

The good news wall – which is filling up fast with all sorts of different stories, messages and anecdotes – received its first foreign-language piece of good news today from two really friendly visitors from China.  Another one of the thousands of connections between people which happen every week in this wonderful space.