Make your mark in Dock-World

Typical – you wait months for a way to leave a comment in Dock Cafe, and then two turn up at once…

Today saw the arrival both of our beautiful leather-bound Dock visitor’s book, and our funky little comment cards – so that we can find out a little bit more about all the people passing through the doors of Dock Cafe.

A great start: in their first few hours on display, we’ve already got some real lump-in-the-throat comments telling us just how much The Dock is loved and appreciated.  Good news stories that give all the volunteers who run the cafe fresh energy for each new day.

And speaking of the volunteers – this Saturday we’re having a Volunteer Training Day, bringing together the wonderful people who have tirelessly, enthusiastically, sacrificially given time and talent over these past few months to make Dock Cafe a reality.  They’ll be enjoying some training, some treats and some top-class info on all things Dock.

So please note that the cafe will be closed this Saturday (3rd November) as we lavish some love on the people who make it all happen – and (hopefully) emerge at the end with and even more amazing team!