One voice among many

Apologies to anyone who’s been trying to email me over the last few weeks – I’m afraid the email mountain got a bit neglected during the past few tumultuous weeks.  If you’ve got in contact with the Dock and you’re wondering if you’ll ever get a reply – sorry! – and hopefully it won’t be long, I’m starting to catch up with myself over the last few days!

One really lovely email that was waiting for me in the backlog came from someone who was part of the recording of the ‘virtual choir’ which was used to commemorate the 11:40pm centenary of Titanic’s collision with the iceberg.  This beautiful piece of music was created from thousands of separate voices, all recorded individually by people using their home computers, submitted online and stitched together into this breathtaking wash of harmonies and voices.

If you haven’t already given it a listen, I’ve attached the link again below – along with the message from one of those thousands of voices.  Lovely to hear that such a huge, ambitious global undertaking had a personal individual impact.

When each of us recorded our part in Water Night, we had no idea that Mr Whitacre was going to do this for you – we were just told it had to be in by January 31 and that there was a hint of a World Premiere in the Spring, but that was all.
When I sat down to watch the first showing of the New York stream, I got emotional yes..seeing us all up there, ‘alone together’ (quote from Mr Whitacre) but when a (now) dear VC3 friend of mine, showed us the pictures from the Titanic Belfast Remembrance – that’s when I really choked up.
I have no idea if any of my ancestors were on that fateful ship, but to have taken part in remembering them even in such a small way, is such a great honour, that I will carry for the rest of my life.
There will be other Virtual Choirs I am sure, but none will be able to say, ‘2945 of us were there even if only in video, on that Fateful Night’;
no, that honour and responsibility rested with each of us.
I can only hope we did you proud.
Sincerely from one Islander to Another:
Jaen (one of the 1075 altos)
Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC Canada