Raising the Titanic

…turns out it only takes 4 people and a bit of muscle-power!

A few weeks ago Dock Cafe had the incredible privilege of being asked to display a new piece by local sculptor Kevin Killen.  The ‘Waste Titanic’ is made entirely from recycled objects – many happy hours can be spent spotting all the discarded household bric-a-brac used in the construction, from draining boards to paint tins, hedge trimmers to drill bits, grill pans to saw blades…

Until yesterday it was a bit hidden in a dark corner behind the coffee bar – until the gang got to work.  Our snappily-titled ‘Make Dock Cafe Pretty Day’ saw the Titanic raised to a new spot by the window, the HMS Caroline display moved to an excellent new location, the coffee-bar paint touched up, and 101 other jobs ticked off the To Do list – thanks team!

In case anyone recognises the title of this post – there was indeed a film of that name released in the early 80’s, with the double indignity of being a complete flop on release (the studio lost so much money that Lew Grade quipped that it would have been cheaper to sink the ocean), and then a laughing-stock within a few years when Ballard’s discovery of the wreck in two distinct sections made the film’s happy ending look hopelessly naive.

But… if you completely suspend disbelief, even knowing that it’s the dramatisation of an utterly impossible dream, there’s something stirring about the sequence at the end of the movie when Titanic resurfaces and completes her journey to New York.

Bring the cheese!

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  1. Yep I remember the movie. Wot you’ve shown was crass enough but it was a resounding turkey as I recall. More junk than the sculpture in the cafe I think!

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