The Dock, the Cafe and the Wardrobe (swap)

What a great Friday night at Dock Cafe… good music, good food, good buzz, good shwapping… and all for a good cause.

The shwapping (swapping instead of shopping) was done by scores of people who have signed up to the ‘Wear It Out’ campaign – a ‘Fashion Fast’ where people commit to buying no new clothes, shoes or gadgets for three months – giving the money saved to causes such as the Fields of Life project to bring clean water to villages in the developing world.

As part of the ‘fast’, people are encouraged to find creative ways to meet, chat, engage and encourage each other through the long retail-therapy-free months.  So Jessica had organised a Wardrobe Swap at Dock Cafe on Friday night – so that people who weren’t buying any new clothes could share, swap and go home with something which maybe wasn’t brand new – but was new to them!

What a perfect picture of exactly what Dock Cafe is here for.  The buzz and mix of people, sheltering from the unrelentingly stormy night over steaming cups of coffee with home-made cupcakes, great acoustic sets by local musicians, and the lure of some new togs hanging on the rails at the back of the cafe.

Chat, welcome, laughter, music, faith-in-action, imagination, community.  Life in the Titanic Quarter – it’s what we’re here for.