Tune In

Rumour has it that there are some things happening in the world this week that are not Titanic-related…  And in fact one of them is vastly more important:  It’s Holy Week.

For those of us for whom the cross of Jesus is the foundation of our faith, this is not to be missed, not to be rushed.  Just as I’m enjoying trying some of the lectures, plays, films and events in the stupendous-timetable-of-all-things-Titanic, looking for new perspectives, insights and understandings on a well-known story, it’s important to find new angles and viewpoints on the familiar but shocking, terrible but wonderful story of the betrayal, arrest, mock-trial, humiliation and crucifixion of Jesus – and to fully enter into the story, not rushing over the difficult bits just because we know the big reversal is coming on Easter Day.

So can I recommend two new perspectives I’ve been finding helpful this year? – the first is on the Wordlive site (which you can always find linked at Connect/Wordlive on the Dock homepage).  Wordlive is always, wholeheartedly, passionately recommended by Dock-world as a daily habit, whether as podcast, app or website – an endlessly-creative way to engage with the Bible.  This week (towards the bottom of the page on the website each day) they have included a beautifully-dramatised perspective on the story as seen through Mary’s eyes – a beautiful way to open up a new dimension on the story.

Or you could try the 10-minute ‘From the Darkness to the Dawn‘ slots on Radio Ulster each night from 11:50pm-midnight.  By a rather neat coincidence (if you believe in such a thing), the reflections for the 4th, 6th and 7th April  are all led by people with a connection to Dock-World, and help to walk through the events of Holy Week day-by-day, pausing to reflect at each step.

And still on the theme of radio, you might remember that a few weeks ago Hardeep Singh Kohli and the team from BBC Radio 2 joined us on the Dock Walk as part of the series ‘Great British Faith’.  The episode featuring Belfast was transmitted last night and is now on iPlayer – here – so give it a listen.  I’m taking a bit of a risk posting the link – I haven’t heard it myself yet – so hopefully the Dock comes out of it all OK!  (if you’re searching through the show, Hardeep said that it was likely that we would feature towards the end of the programme).   Enjoy!