You Cannot Escape!

So as I promised, an update on the Dock publicity blitzkrieg…  I may have been lying low for a day or two this week, but The Dock has featured in a whole host of interviews, photo ops, media opportunities and general shameless showing-off…

So, today – appearances in print:
We’ve featured in Rejoice Always magazine… (a really thorough interview if you can get hold of the mag (or there’s a copy in Dock Cafe) – probably the best way to catch up on the Dock Story So Far!  So we’ll forgive them for putting a boat that’s Not The Titanic on the front cover…)

We’ve been in Christian Today… (link brings you directly to the article – another good interview, although why do English people often rename the Titanic Quarter ‘Titanic Quarters’?  There’s only one – it’s unique!)

We’re on the front of the Church of Ireland Gazette… (great picture of Karen & the Dean – but a description of Sunday afternoon’s service which doesn’t mention the walk or the service at the Drawing Office – boo!)

We’re on the cover of the Christian Aid magazine… (messing around on bicycles to advertise the Titanic Cycle Challenge – more info on the link – and in response to several people who have asked on Facebook, errr… no, we’re not doing the full 300-mile challenge.  We are making breakfast at Dock Cafe for the cyclists before they depart…is that enough??)

We’re also featured in Evangelical Alliance’s Reach e-zine (sorry, this one’s a few weeks old – forgot to post the link when it first came out!)

And I don’t know exactly where or when, but I’ve heard from a few people that the pictures of our ‘Shared Medley’ of ministers have appeared in a couple of outlets throughout the week as well.  Yep I’m wearing a ‘proper minister’ collar – enjoy it while it lasts!!

I think that’s all in print for now… Tomorrow: TV and radio – the invasion continues!