Your invitation! Thursday night at 8pm, St Clement’s, Templemore Ave

31st May (which falls on Thursday this week) is a pretty significant date in Titanic circles – it’s the day when Titanic first hit the water during her 62-second slide down the slipway in 1911.  (We stood there for a bit during today’s Dock Walk to mark the moment!)

It was also, this time last year, a very significant day for Dock-world.  Karen and I had the privilege of leading the service on the slipways to mark the centenary of Titanic’s launch, and the resultant TV coverage of Titanic Quarter’s ‘Shared Medley’ church in action was a big boost for the Dock project, just as we were getting ready to launch the Dock business plan.

So it’s kinda appropriate that it’s a big day again this year.  This time it’s the launch of a new part of the Dock mix: my role as a part-time minister in St Clement’s parish on Templemore Avenue, just across the road in East Belfast.  St Clement’s is a great wee place full of friendly, enthusiastic people – and so I’m sure they would be delighted if some of the Dock Gang turned up to my Introduction Service at 8pm on Thursday 31st May.  So consider this your cordial invitation!

(In case any of you are worried that I’m deserting my post in the TQ – not a bit of it!  Click here for a fuller explanation.)

One thing I should make really clear: although I’ll now be taking Sunday services in St Clement’s in the morning, the Dock Walks will continue as normal on Sunday afternoons at 3:33 and will still form the ‘church service’ (if that’s what you want to call it!) of Dock World.  I know I’m biased (having just come home from a Dock Walk in the blazing sunshine on this spectacular day!) but I’ve never experienced a form of worship which has moved, challenged and excited me as much as this.  A good walk with good friends on a Sunday afternoon, chatting and chewing over a passage of Scripture as we walk, stopping to praise the Creator of the skies and seas and gulls and mountains all around us… Something about being in the open air speaks to a very deep part of me, and I wouldn’t miss those Sunday walks for all the world.

2 thoughts on “Your invitation! Thursday night at 8pm, St Clement’s, Templemore Ave”

  1. St Clements don’t know the treasure they havd in Chris Bennett. They will have the benifit of one of the most creative minds in the church of Ireland and I wish both Christ and the people of St Clements God’s richest blessing in their adventure together.

  2. Sorry I can’t be there, but will be praying for you on this new “launch” day

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