Rentacrowd – unite!

Well guys, we did it!

Just got home, tired and happy, after a fantastic day laying out the furniture in Dock Cafe.  It’s now ready for tomorrow – for the Songs of Praise film crew to film, for the first time in history, a programme from a church in the Titanic Quarter.  Have a quick look at the pics – I think it looks fabulous.  My profound, heartfelt thanks to all concerned in helping us pull it all together in such a short space of time.

So now – the invitation!  The filming is happening at 10am tomorrow (Sunday 26th) at Dock Cafe, and you’re invited… rather than film me sitting in the cafe on my own like Norman No-Mates, we need a crowd (or “background artistes” if you prefer) to fill the cafe with life and movement.  So, if can you find it in your hearts to come and drink coffee, enjoy the comfy sofas, catch up with friends, and appear in the background on BBC TV into the bargain (I know, I ask such terribly hard things of you) – then see you at 10 tomorrow!

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