The box of delights

photo-8Great was the excitement in The Dock today when a delivery man arrived with a box.  A very important box.  Contained within was something that was going to change the lives of everyone in Dock Cafe…. forever

Y’see, over this last weekend, Dock Cafe’s old dishwasher had started to show some signs of imminent demise.  Although born a humble domestic dishwasher, it had survived at breakneck pace for over a year, being emptied and filled all day, every day, processing a never-ending stream of mugs, plates and soup bowls.  Brave little soldier, we salute you.

But within the box a new dishwasher was gleaming… a dishwasher which would only take 1 minute per cycle rather than 25… a proper dishwasher for a proper cafe:


The joy was touching to behold… I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the Dock volunteers vying for dishwashing duties before!


(Pphoto-6ostscript: the new dishwasher did blot its copybook slightly before the day was out by leaking all over the floor like an un-house-trained puppy, leading to a “Help! The lifeboat is sinking!”-style bailout operation.  But I’m sure we’ll soon be able to get it fixed!)