Build a face. Meet an author. Drink a cuppa.

So – the students are back!  BMC started for a new term on Monday, and so once again Dock Cafe is abuzz with student chat, the hot chocolate is being consumed at a reckless rate, and lunchtimes are a blizzard of activity and life.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Part of the mix at lunchtimes these days is the crew from the ‘Wish’ art project – or The Big Face (as Tegan calls it) – or ‘The Face From Space’ (my suggested name, to fit in with the Balls at the Falls and Nuala with the Hula).  ‘Wish’ is, as you’ll remember, the project to build a massive ground-level picture of a girl’s face that can only be seen from above – from the top of Titanic Belfast or, even better, from planes flying into Belfast City airport.  The team have spent the last 2 weeks mapping out the area with GPS – and now they’re ready for volunteers to help fill in the sand and earth to form the artwork.  No pre-booking necessary – just turn up at 10am or 2pm on site with good (but old) shoes and the willingness to get your hands dirty!

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(pics show: Jorge (artist), Jorge’s most recent project in Amsterdam, the ‘before’ picture of the TQ site before work began, the team getting ready for action in The Dock)

Here’s the invite from Ben, the project leader:

We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist in the construction stage of this project.
Onsite activities will include – 
Wheelbarrowing topsoil and stone
Raking sand and topsoil
Marking out areas in which the material will be spread
“Cleaning up” contrast lines between the sand and soil

This will all make more sense when you see the site and meet with me and Jorge, who will tell you more about the project.
There isn’t a huge amount of heavy lifting, but the raking can be tiring.  And it’s a little windy onsite, so be sure to bring something warm just in case the sun disappears! Wellington boots or old shoes are also recommended.
We’re looking to start welcoming volunteers to the site tomorrow after 1pm, so if you have some free time we’d love to see you onsite.  From Thursday to Saturday, volunteers are welcome from 10am.  We finish at 6pm each evening, and you are welcome to commit to as much or as little time as you wish.

When you get a chance to take a breather from all that, remember that SSK (Knitters at The Dock) is now back in action every Friday morning at 11:30, and Dock Book Group starts again on Saturday with the author of the book in attendance!  (so I hope you liked it…)

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 18.18.24

photo-26And whether you’re calling in to the Dock to volunteer at Wish, to knit, to read, or just to kick back with one of the best and most chilled-out cuppas in Belfast, you’ll see (as always!) lots of new little features to keep the place fresh.

We have another new artist-in-residence – Makiko Takeoka – seen here getting to work on filling one of our lovely blank walls (catnip to artists apparently!) with some of her fabulous, unique watercolour renditions of local scenes.

photo-25And you might be leaning your cuppa on another new addition to the Dock’s unique Edwardian-Victorian-Vintage-Industrial-Pop-up-Chic decor…  (aka a cool retro table, delivered by Ronnie and Lyn.

It just keeps getting busier and better in this precious little corner of the world – great days!

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  1. Hi Chris. I cannot make the book group today as I have to take my father to see his sister. The book group probably will think I am not coming back, but I bought and read the book and intended to be there today. Family first as always though. Would you offer my apologies?

    Kind regards


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