Church On A Boat

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Outside ship 2Where: On board SS Nomadic
(in ‘2nd Class Upper’ to be precise)

When: Sunday 3rd November at 6pm
(and thereafter on the first Sunday of every month)

If you’ve been following the story of The Dock from the start, you’ll know that we could never quite shake this quirky idea that there would be something fitting about gathering for Church in the Titanic Quarter on a boat.

You’ll maybe remember that some old barges and light-ships were briefly under consideration… but we could scarcely have dared to dream that a ship as beautiful, as historic and iconic as SS Nomadic would ever become our venue… Could we?

Never underestimate what is possible in the Titanic Quarter! The crew of the Nomadic are flinging open the doors on the first Sunday evening of each month, and the Dock chaplaincy team (in all its wonderful variety) will be there to lead the service. (And so the welcome is to everyone, of every tradition and background – the services will not ‘belong’ to any one denomination – which was the Dock vision from the very start.)

There will be old hymns… new insights… a chance to meet the neighbours and celebrate Life In The Titanic Quarter, all snug between the decks of this beautiful ship.

View from bottom1st Class PannelsSide of ship1st Class lower

So it is with great joy that I can finally say… all aboard!


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  1. Absolutely brilliant and hugely exciting .
    Every Blessing in this new initiative !
    Terrific news

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