Everybody needs good neighbours…

(Or: An Ace Space To Place A Mace…)

Exciting developments at The ARC apartments: Dock Cafe is about to have some next-door neighbours!

Not empty for much longer...'Hello Wee Legs' will disappear forever...Dock Cafe now ends here!An ace space for a Mace

Work began this week fitting-out the unit on the other side of Dock Cafe’s partition-wall – it’s going to be a Mace local shop.  At long last the Titanic Quarter will have somewhere to buy Sunday papers, Pot Noodles, loo rolls and all the other necessities of life!

Eat your piece in peaceIt’s great news for Dock Cafe – as anyone looking for a comfy seat to eat their Mace sandwiches (or hot food – there’s going to be a deli counter) and read their Mace newspapers can pop next door into The Dock – our ‘Eat Your Piece In Peace’ policy will still be in force!

And the Mace isn’t the end of the story – more new neighbours are due to start using some of the neighbouring units over the next few months, offering everything from Segway tours to sail training…  watch this space…

Life in the Titanic Quarter is happening!