Shiny new parts of DOCK Cafe – part deux

Drum roll please… time to unveil The DOCK Cafe’s brand-new area – the Shipyard Wall.


We’ve filled our new extension to bursting with some unique, quirky pieces of the Belfast shipyard story – past, present and future. You can find Edward Harland’s signature, Thomas Andrews’ door, and Eric Kuhne’s grand masterplan for the future of Titanic Quarter. There’s a key board, cable schedules, an indenture and some pictures from SWOPS – and if you haven’t a notion what those things are, come and have a potter along the wall.

Loads of the pieces are on loan from the evocative H&W drawing office, and – faded and rough-around-the-edges though some of them are – they give an unmatched window into an amazing history. For the ‘present-day’ section, we have some stunning panoramic photos of Titanic Quarter by local photographer and all-round good guy Wesley Ellis. And to bring the story into the future, we have some early concept artwork of the Titanic Quarter masterplan, dating from that bygone time (about 8 years ago) when the building work hadn’t even started. Amazing to see how much the development has stayed close to the original vision.

part-deux-2 part-deux-1 part-deux-3

Past, present and future on one wall – where else but DOCK Cafe will you find this stuff?!