This little cafe went to market

OK so the new improved, renovated, revolutionised cafe has now been open for just over a week – time to start showing off some of the new features!

It's a market stall.  Honestly, it isThe first one I’d like to tell you about is the first one you encounter coming in through the door – there’s now a strange construction that looks like a garden shed tripped over an Ikea wardrobe. What can it be?

It’s the Dock’s new pop-up market stall and I’d love to see it being used to the max by anyone who has something to sell that they make themselves: cupcakes, traybakes, bobble hats, knitted cats, calligraphy, photography, jam, jewellery… you name it!  (and – you made it, that’s the one condition.)

I'm a market stallTo encourage any budding Alan Sugars, the deal goes like this: you book the Dock pop-up market for a day.  We give you £10 as an investment in your business – to help buy your flour, or wool, or wood, or whatever you need to get started.  The market stall is all yours to sell your products on the day you’ve booked – and if the profits come rolling in, it would be great if you could make a return investment in the Honesty Box – but (as always) it’s completely up to you!

The great news is that even though it’s still a bit of a work in progress, the Dock Market Stall has its first booking – tomorrow (Sat 9th), Ruairi, one of our regulars from the college across the road, will be selling home-made wood-turned products.

If you’re free to call in between 11 and 5 to support our first-ever entrepreneur, it would be great to see you – and you might even pick up something nice for the kitchen or a cool, unique pressie into the bargain!

Ruari's handiworkRuari's handiworkRuari's handiwork

And get your thinking caps on if you think you’d like to use the stall for your own handiwork – it would be great to see the Dock Market used day-by-day, and the word spreading that there’s always going to be something unique and hand-crafted available along with your coffee in our beautiful wee cafe.