To be a pilgrim…

Today we re-started one of my absolute favourite experiments in the life of Dock-World: the Titanic Slipway Pilgrimage.


It’s a walk around the outline of Titanic on the slipways with pauses for reflection at various significant points – the lifeboats, the names of the lost, the water’s edge etc.  Music and different readings from ‘A Night To Remember’ and Filson Young (a journalist who witnessed Titanic’s launch) bring the story alive and also give food for thought.  I suppose the whole thing is a mash-up between my experience of being a Titanic Walking Tour guide, a Chaplain and a Dock Walker!

Today we had a great group of people – Canadians, Australians, locals (and even some English people – but they were nice).  The plan is to run the pilgrimage walks every Friday and Saturday (weather permitting) at 2pm (note the new time).  The walk is especially intended as a grace gift for anyone who’s just emerging from the Titanic Belfast visitor experience – but anyone is welcome, so if you’d like to call by TB at 2pm some day over the Summer. it’ll be great to see you!

On the way back from the walk, in the middle of that ferocious hail-storm this afternoon, I bumped into Wesley – whose cool panoramic photos already feature in Dock Cafe and are about to feature a lot more.  He captured this beauty of a photo – as you can see, the pilgrimage walk finished just in time before the storm came!
Titanic Belfast