As reported last week in the Belfast Telegraph (!), The Dock is expanding… not just to make room for my ego, but for a beautiful collection of quirky, unique bits and bobs we’ve been putting together over the last few months.

If you call in this week, you’ll see plenty of signs like this:

And you might see some activity like this:


You’ll see that the Dock team have been hard at work during those little snippets of time that the cafe is closed – moving entire walls (they can move mountains, Dock volunteers!), building, cleaning, painting, mopping, dismantling, re-assembling, making this big old barn feel more and more like home…


The new extended area has (oh yes!) a theme – can you tell what it is yet?


And the pride and joy of it all – this glorious, slightly battered, utterly unique and gorgeous old model of the shipyards, created in the 1980s as an architect’s plan for the then-new Laganbank development – and standing today as a living example of just how much Belfast has changed in the last three decades.


It’ll all be finished and on display soon – promise!