We’re quirky! The BBC says so!

photo-34Did you catch The Dock on BBC Newsline tonight?  We’ve been asked to be part of the Belfast Healthy Cities initiative – and so a camera crew showed up at the cafe this morning to film The Dock in action.

Before you all start writing letters to the BBC – I know that the food we serve is mostly wonderfully unhealthy (and proud of it!) – the article was more about how The Dock is a healthy example of community and honesty.

photo-37You can catch up on iPlayer here

– or the piece on the BBC website here

– or read reporter Marie-Louise’s take on The Dock below:

There are a range of categories including activities that promote healthy ageing, child-friendly spaces, active living, and healthy and sustainable food.

photo-35Chris Bennett runs the Trustbox café in the Titanic Quarter. As one of the judges, he says he’ll be looking for quirky entrants.

He said the idea behind his own pop-up style café was unique – customers aren’t told what to pay but offer what they think the food is worth.

photo-36For instance I treated myself and my cameraman to coffee and scones and was happy to throw a fiver into the ‘Trustbox’.

“Even just a few years ago, this was a place with nowhere for people to gather,” he said.

“As far as we know, this is the first honesty box café in the world – all the furniture and art is donated. You could leave 50p, a fiver or £50 and we genuinely wouldn’t know who gives us what.

“I guess it’s a healthy thing that Belfast is an honest enough culture that the honesty box has kept us afloat now for a year and a half.”