What Is The Dock – Part oh I’ve lost count

Doesn’t seem long since we last cleared the board for Dock customers to answer that question which has occupied the finest minds (and some that are just OK) for millennia: What Is The Dock?

What Is The Dock

Alongside a few examples (grrr) of people just using the board to write their name (yes, well done, you can spell your name), and a rather scary face (which I think might’ve been drawn by Jorge, the ‘Face From Space’ artist) – here are a few of the more striking comments this time around:

What is The Dock? – Just great… Friendly and loving… Just what we need – decency and service to others… Adorable… An asset… Just what Belfast needed… This place deserves a big hug… What the world should be more like… Love this wee place… Epic… The shizzle… Serene… Relaxing… Funny…just what the McCords needed…

Cool, eh?  I especially love ‘What the world should be more like’.

The Dock ethos is also the subject of a new flyer in the cafe – a way of letting all the new students at the Met (hello, hungry hordes!) know who we are and what we’re about:

Dock manifesto