Winter Is Coming

Tonight’s the night… the clocks go back, an extra hour in bed, darkness descends upon our evenings, the smell of woodsmoke fills the icy air and Winter Is Here…

And it felt like the perfect First Day Of Winter in Dock Cafe today too – a cosy, dark day, rain streaming down the windows and the cafe lights illuminating a series of heartwarming scenes of people finding a cosy, joyful place to while away a rainy day.

Embarking on a jigsaw… or watching the umbrella-covered world go by… or getting stuck into Scrabble… or building a castle…

2013-10-26 15.09.062013-10-26 15.44.472013-10-26 15.27.392013-10-26 15.08.39

Or knitting and nattering… or taking part in Tim’s photography workshop… or catching up with family… or embarking on another jigsaw…

2013-10-26 15.25.532013-10-26 15.34.402013-10-26 15.24.342013-10-26 15.26.37

And then at the end of a gloomy day – a shaft of glorious winter sunshine filled the cafe with golden light, just as we were getting ready to close the doors.  Which makes the perfect image with which to announce that, as of this week, The Dock is following The Clock and altering its times a little for the Winter months:

Screenshot 2013-10-26 21.29.30


2 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming”

  1. Hello there ,I wrote Chris a few times to see if you received my artwork I sent a few months back I’m Douglas from Ohio in the us I also added my bio you requested when I sent my artwork of titanic prints
    All best wishes
    Douglas charles

  2. I am writing Chris to see if you received my titanic prints I drew for you’re coffee shop I sent them a few months back and never knew if you received them sorry to bother you I’m Douglas from Ohio in the united states

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