All is revealed!

IMG_2074The great mystery of our age is about to be revealed…

No, not the new Doctor Who – we know that already.  Or KFC’s secret recipe herbs and spices.  I’m talking about the identity of the two new Dock staff members whose posts were advertised before Christmas.

Some things I can tell you… that when we advertised those posts, we were overwhelmed by the response.  And by the quality of 2013-10-11 17.47.33the people applying.  Over several days of interviews, we met many people who each would have been fantastic in our new roles – and there were no easy decisions.  Massive thanks to the amazing applicants who put huge amounts of work and passion into their interviews, and to the panel of Dock members and directors who had to make the tough call.

But the decisions have been made and the offers have been accepted.

And they are:

Going to be announced on board SS Nomadic during our monthly service on Sunday night.   Mwahahahaaa!  You didn’t think I’d give it away so easily, did you?


So make a date in your diaries: this Sunday (2nd Feb), 6pm on board SS Nomadic.  As always, old hymns and new insights, snug between BYKTbEqIQAAW2AYthe decks of a beautiful boat.  And this month, a chance to meet and hear the stories of the two people who will be major characters in the next chapter of the Dock adventure.

See ya there!

(I’ll give you one clue: one of the people in question can be seen lurking around in the background in a very old Dock video; at the time neither of us realised that our paths would intersect again.  OK that’s a rubbish clue, but it’s all you’re getting)

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  1. Congratulations to the newbies on board the Dock. I am looking forward to church on Sunday night always a time of blessing and and great fellowship.

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