And so it begins…

What an amazing start to 2014…  A still night, a friendly crowd, the Titanic slipways magnificent under a blanket of stars, flocks of birds circling overhead as the ships’ horns sounded out the new year…

(Thanks to Annette for the pics – more here)

Bishop Harold launched the year of 24-7 Prayer and handed the baton to Dock Cafe (or judging by the pics I wrestled it off him – so rude) to continue the chain of prayer for the first 3-and-a-half days of the year:

And so it begins!  I can’t say enough about the wonderful team who are keeping the whole show on the road for these few days – spending days and nights to make sure the cafe is open, the kettle is on and the chain of prayer is unbroken.  Call in and keep them company!

And such creativity, bubbling up as part of this 24-7 initiative.  Every table in the cafe is devoted to one particular aspect of prayer – discover how it can be an act of prayer to taste honey, play monopoly, lift a dumbbell, read the newspaper, write in the sand, and loads more!

We’ve had musicians fill the cafe with music, and already loads of people have called in – either because they were intending to be 2014-01-01 15.24.02part of the 24-7 movement, or because they were passing by and were intrigued!   There’s something very special about spending the start of the year in the joyful, peaceful, prayerful atmosphere of this place.

And the cafe itself has benefited from all this creativity too – as well as constructing our beautiful new arbour – a sunlight-filled corner of the Prayer Garden, full of trellises, stone, water, greenery, light and peace – Wesley has created a unique cross for the wall:

2014-01-01 14.55.51

It’s made from bits of shipyard metal he found around the Titanic Quarter – old and new, creativity and Christianity blending in one unique piece of art.  Perfectly Dock!

Screenshot 2014-01-01 17.15.21(The practicalities: if you’d like to be part of these 3 special days, you can book online here or just call by the cafe at any time, day or night – if the door is locked just knock!  The prayer stations are dotted all around the room at the cafe tables – feel free to engage with the stations as a team or group, or on your own if you prefer.  No-one will pressure you to pray out loud – just engage with it all at your own pace!)

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  1. What a wonderful, meaningful start to 2014, I was part of it with you across the Atlantic in Canada.
    Much love to you and Susan for a healthy, happy, peaceful New Year.
    Auntie P and Ivan

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