C’mon, my soul…

2014-01-19 08.58.01The Bennetts are just getting ready to head off for a little bit of much-appreciated R&R (hence the pic – an amazing sunrise I watched from the shores of Lusty Beg island during a conference at the weekend – although looking at the rain pounding on the window right now, I suspect it may be wishful thinking…)

Note that there WON’T be a Pilgrimage Walk or Dock Walk this Sunday – but the cafe will be open as normal.  Call in and say Hi to Tegan and the gang!

But just so that you don’t miss me too much, here’s a little curio from the Bennett archives.

I found this video recently when tidying up folders on my computer, and realised that, having gone to all the effort of shooting it and editing it in the midst of the opening weekend of Titanic Belfast, at the time I didn’t actually get round to the final little insignificant step of uploading it to Vimeo so that anyone else could ever see it.  Whoops!

Probably a fairly accurate insight into the state of my mind during that mad, emotional, wonderful time.  And you can get the sense of breathless, pinch-me-I-can’t-quite-believe-this-is-happening-in-Belfast joy from the video itself as well – so coming back to it on a rainy January day nearly 2 years later, it’s maybe a timely reminder of those magical days in 2012 when it genuinely felt as if Belfast was entering a whole new chapter, and anything could happen…

Best Weekend Ever… from The DOCK Church on Vimeo.