The Dock Drinking Game

2014-09-25 09.53.44It was great to see Northern Ireland looking gorgeous on Grand Designs during the week (and what a cool shipping-container house – nice work Paddy).  While I was watching, someone tweeted a very hilarious Grand Designs drinking game (see pic) – which got me thinking – what would a Dock Drinking Game look like?

2014-09-26 18.34.51Well first of all it would involve scrumptious Dock Blend coffee or gourmet Suki Tea rather than shots – obviously!

And now that student term at the Belfast Met is back in full swing and the Dock is bunged with swarming students, vivacious volunteers, relaxing residents and chatting customers (take a look at this time-lapse of Dock Life for the first hour of business this morning), the opportunities for a Dock Drinking Game are manifold…

Take one sip of Dock Blend or Suki Tea:

  • Every time someone asks “How much is this?”
  • Every time an off-duty volunteer gets roped into some emergency dishwashing
    2014-09-26 18.34.34
  • Every time a customer wanders into the kitchen thinking it’s the loo
  • Every time someone asks “But how do you survive with an Honesty Box?”
  • Every time Chris freaks out at someone rolling a cigarette
  • Every time someone tries a new experimental flavour of Suki Tea
  • Every time a newbie asks for a Cappuccino

Take two sips of Dock Blend or Suki Tea:

  • Every time someone confuses James with Chris (Or Chris with James)
  • Every time a volunteer gets to explain the Honesty Box for the first time
  • Every time someone donates a sofa/mug/plate/chair/table
  • Every time someone spends more than two hours on the same sofa (quite often actually)
  • Every time someone asks us where we get the cool retro milk bottles
    2014-05-08 10.40.35
  • Every time someone accidentally drinks a glass of juice without diluting it
  • Every time someone starts a jigsaw (but gets too frustrated to finish it)
  • Every time the brownies are the first tray bake to disappear
  • Every time the knitting group actually do some knitting

Take three sips of Dock Blend  or Suki Tea:

  • Every time a Dock volunteer goes beyond all call of duty to be kind, patient, friendly, loving, welcoming and to the unending stream of customers (both grateful and ungrateful, helpful and unhelpful, loveable and… loveable in their own way)
  • Every time a volunteer confronted by messy tables/loads of abandoned dishes/curry chips squashed into the carpet/uneaten bowls of soup wonders if it’s all really worthwhile

and most importantly

  • Every time one little thank-you/message of encouragement in the visitors book/prayer in the prayer garden/conversation at the coffee bar brings a lump to the throat and helps Chris and the team realise that there is just no place on this planet like Dock Cafe.

2014-09-20 14.40.32


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  1. Love this place!my daughter and I visited three times when we were visiting Belfast…… #lovethedock

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