How To Start A Year

The story of the first three days (and nights) of 2014 in The Dock…

If you’d like to see more pics of some of the 25 prayer stations, check out The Big Wooden Box’s flickr photostream here.

As well as the stations you can see in the vid, we also had some fantastic impromptu events during the few days – such as beautiful live music from Nigel and Julie, and a moving Taize service led by Dock Volunteer Lindsay…

And as well as praying all around the world (as the different stations reminded us to do), more than a few prayers were said for the situation right outside our doors – especially as the water levels rose on Friday morning…

(Thanks Chris for the pics!)

And no better way to round off the few days than by squeezing into 2nd Class Upper on SS Nomadic on Sunday night.   (Amidst flood warnings yet again – although there is something very smug about receiving a text about a flood when you’re actually on a boat…)
2014-01-09 16.02.39

(Thanks Sonya for the pic!)

You can read Fr Martin’s account of his experiences on board here, or read the Nomadic crew’s own description on their website here.  For me, the days of prayer followed by that joyful, inspiring service were a model example of How To Start A Year.  Let’s hope the rest of 2014 maintains the standard…!