Sorry Eamonn…

10653615_10153155500505828_4652492295705044089_nThe title of ‘Dock Cafe’s most famous customer’ has been nabbed by an ecclesiastical invasion involving the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, along with the Archbishops of Dublin and Armagh… there was just a lot of clerical collars around quite frankly!

The Archbishes swept in like a hurricane, chatted to about 300000 people in 30 minutes, encouraged all and sundry, prayed in the Prayer Garden, and rounded off the visit by getting the Archbishop of Canterbury into a Dock apron to serve a cup of tea.  (I was responsible for his on-the-job training, and, well… it’s good that he’s really great at his day job)

A few pictures of the event from Jeremy at The Big Wooden Box:

[UPDATE: you can now see all the photos here]

Including one which is surely deserving of a Caption Competition:


Over to you!

2 thoughts on “Sorry Eamonn…”

  1. What a wonderful visitor! Lovely to see photos of him using the prayer garden!

  2. Caption: “And when I click my fingers you’ll think you’re the Archbishop of Canterbury …”

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