The next link in the 24-7 chain…

IMG_0307Some of you will know that as well as drinking too much coffee in The Dock, I moonlight as a ‘proper’ minister at St Clements, a lovely friendly church on Templemore Ave in East Belfast.  (This means that I have the longest job title in Christendom: ‘Chaplain to the Titanic Quarter/Part-Time Bishop’s Curate of St Clements Belfast’.  Thankyouverymuch.)

2014-01-11 09.33.58It also means that, having handed the 24-7 Prayer Scroll on from The Dock to John at neighbouring parish St Patricks Ballymacarrett last weekend, he promptly handed it back to me a week later in my role at St Clements!

So here’s the invitation: for any of you who were inspired and encouraged by our stint of 24-7 prayer in Dock Cafe (or any of you who missed it), you have another 2014-01-11 08.58.31chance!  The lovely people at St Clements would love to see you – just call in at any time, day or night.  (If the doors are closed at night, just knock & someone will be there to let you in!)

Like the setup in The Dock, you’ll find lots of creative and imaginative stations where you can engage in prayer at your own pace, and just spend some quality time in God’s presence.

As you can see from the pics, the team at St Clem have done a fantastic job turning the interior of the church into a beautiful, inspiring prayer room – added to which, there’s something lovely about taking time to dwell in a gorgeous old church building as well.

2014-01-11 10.28.30

The 24-7 marathon continues at St Clem until 9am on Tuesday morning, when the baton passes on again (hopefully to someone who won’t pass it straight back to me this time) – so catch it while you can!