The Dock is back… and it’s bendy

B5U-Ry3IQAEvUI_.jpg-largeChristmas and New Year have passed in a bit of a blur… it doesn’t seem any time since we were closing the door to Dock Cafe and heading off with the Dock volunteers to see a Giants match (and to learn, thanks to Maggie, the new Official Dock Expression of surprise, dismay or excitement: “Flippin Nora!”)

It had been a whirlwind December of Dock markets, Pop-up cinemas, Christmas Extravaganzas and (of course) lots of cosy conversation-fuelled days of Life in the Titanic Quarter.  Among many, many reasons to be thankful during the run-up to Christmas, it was fantastic to gather all the Dock Market traders together and celebrate all that has happened since Dock Market unexpectedly sprang into our lives during the Giro in 2014:

The Bennetts had a bit of sad news during the holidays – we lost my Aunty Marguerite, a much-loved and greatly-missed legend of our family (think Maggie Smith from Downton crossed with Judi Dench as M – and you still fall short!)  As always the Dock team – or actually the Dock family as it is becoming in a lot of ways – were a solid rock of support, friendship, prayer and love.

SN-a1And so it’s time to open the doors again!  Tomorrow (Sunday) is the first Sunday of the month – and so we’ll be gathering in the cafe at 6pm for worship, prayer, coffee and community – welcoming the new year and getting ready for a fresh start.

And then on Monday morning, ‘normal’ business resumes at the best honesty-box-cafe-community-family-living-room-warm-welcoming-loving-chatting-grace-filled-slice-of-heaven-on-earth in the world!

I’m really excited about some new things lined up for 2015 – get ready to hang on to your hats!  But just to rewind for one wee moment, a highlight of the last few days of 2014 was the unveiling at Dock Market of ‘Bendy Dock’ – the latest in Tanya’s brilliant portraits of various Belfast landmarks in her unique bendy style:

There’s something about the vibrancy, quirkiness and colourful joy of that picture that speaks to me of Dock life and everything that we stand for… I absolutely love it.  And you’ve really arrived on the Belfast map once you’ve been ‘bendied’!

So c’mere 2015… it’s going to be great!