Easter Is Coming

IMG_1087Tonight I got to try Dock Volunteer Maggie’s scrumptious pancake recipe – which must mean that 40 days and 40 nights of Lenten abstemiousness are just around the corner.
Or does it? Here in the Dock we’re going to try someone different this year… An exciting idea called ’40 Acts’.
Screenshot 2015-02-17 22.34.42It’s pretty simple – you sign up online here, and every day of Lent you’ll be emailed a reflection and a creative, quirky idea of a way in which you can do Lent generously.  You can share stories online with other people who are taking the challenge – and here in Dock-World we’ll be able to share our own stories of our 40 acts (or 13 acts as it will be at that stage) at our next Sunday Night at the Dock on 1st March.Screenshot 2015-02-17 22.34.19

So how about it, people of The Dock? Don’t deny yourself treats for the next 40 days – challenge yourself to treat others instead!  I’m signing up now – and I would love it if Dock Cafe was abuzz with the stories and activities of our 40 acts for the next 40 days…
D30_9601PS – it can’t have escaped your attention that the TQ has been all over the news recently – with news of a massive grant to restore the old Drawing Offices and a reshuffle at the top of TQ Ltd.  You win some, you lose some… The grant for the Drawing Offices is fantastic news, but we will really, truly miss the people who are moving on from TQ Ltd – each of whom has been an incredibly generous and supportive and visionary part of life in the Titanic Quarter.