Pop quiz, hotshot

So you might’ve noticed a new wee flyer on your table in Dock Cafe last week… it’s only the introduction of the new almighty amazing DOCK QUIZ!
2015-07-25 20.09.23

Every week brings a new question, and a new prize.  The answers to every question can be found somewhere, somehow in Dock Cafe – so if you don’t know the answer straight away, a bit of detective work will get you there!

2015-04-04 17.04.30The questions – and the prizes – are all about exploring our beautiful Titanic Quarter and finding out more about our TQ neighbours

We’ve already got one winner – congrats Alora Todman, you’ve just won a game for 4 at Odyssey Bowl!  The answer (Queens Island was originally called Dargan’s Island) is on one of the info boards on the wall of the cafe.  (And will of course be instantly known to anyone who’s been on the Wee Tram!)

The next question is on the tables already – so get your thinking caps on…

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  1. I don’t live in Belfast, but love the city….my Great, grt, grt, grt grandfather William Ritchie opened the first docks and started shipbuilding…..do I get a prize?

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