Saturdays are the new Sundays

Screenshot 2015-10-03 18.01.36In the New Year we’re gonna try a little experiment in Dock World.  (Yes, another one).

We’re going to try moving our monthly Sunday Nights at the Dock, (when we get together on the first Sunday of each month for some space to worship, pray and share stories with each other) to Saturday nights rather than Sundays.

The name for this endeavour – after a lot of deep thought and agonised soul-searching – will be: Saturday Nights at the Dock

~1449239188~IMG_1737So from the start of 2016, on the first Saturday of each month, usual cafe business on a Saturday afternoon will just slide and melt naturally into our time of telling stories, fellowship and prayer – the coffee and chat will just keep flowing.  There will be a ‘start time’ of 6pm when people who just want a cup of coffee can leave, or people who just want to come for the service can arrive – but the idea is that it becomes a natural extension of daily cafe life rather than being a ‘special’ thing that we only do on occasional Sundays.

So that means that this coming Sunday  (6th Dec) may be our last Sunday Night at the Dock – meeting as always at 6pm in Dock Cafe with the usual mix of great coffee, great conversation, and space to be thankful, be still and be inspired.

As always in Dock-World, it’s amazing to look back over just a short space of time and realise how much we have to be thankful for.  From our early days meeting every month on board SS Nomadic:

– before moving into our current location in Dock Cafe:

– hearing from everyone from mayors to missionaries to TV news reporters:

– it’s been amazing… and now we’re ready for the next chapter!

One thought on “Saturdays are the new Sundays”

  1. I’m sorry we missed Sunday night but very much look forward to being part of your work fellowship and friendship in the new year
    God bless you all

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