Five Stars all round!

First up, the big news of the week: you will not die if you eat at The DOCK! (probably).  We’ve just been awarded a top-mark 5-star 2016-02-18 12.39.23hygiene rating for our Scores At The Doors – so obviously the inspector was very impressed by the wonderfully clean and healthy DOCK Cafe volunteers and the high standards of all the facilities.  Massive props to James and the team – for a home-made pop-up cafe, that’s quite an achievement.

Our certificate of amazingness joins the other new signs which greet you as you peer in the windows at DOCK Cafe – these wonderful local suppliers are the reason why your tea, coffee, scones and bakes are so yum!
2016-02-18 11.39.25

Next, big thanks to everyone who came along to our very first Comedy Night.  A fantastic crowd squeezed in to the squashy sofas around the Prayer Garden for an hour of banter, merciless micky-taking of the audience, wild theorising about just what was happening upstairs to cause such rushing waters to flow through the pipes in our ceiling, and generally lots of great hearty belly laughs.

The first of many such nights, I hope…

DOCK_Market_Do_Me_A_Flavour_BWB_2302Up next in the diary – don’t forget that it’s DOCK Market day THIS Saturday (27th Feb) from 11 – 5…

…and then our Saturday Nights meeting NEXT Saturday (5th March) at 5:30 in the cafe.  Apologies to those who get the Dock email updates – you had to cope with a few extra correction  emails clogging your inboxes while the wires in my brain fizzed and spluttered.  I think I’ve got it all worked out now!

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And finally, just in case you were wondering how you would squeeze in time for all these wonderful things, remember that you’ve got an extra day – this year is a Leap Year.  So on 29th February why not take advantage of the extra time to have a think and a chat about what it’s all about?


That was a very long-winded way of me telling you that the DOCK’s first-ever Alpha will be starting on Monday – 6-8pm in the cafe for food, friendship and a chance to ask any and every question you’ve ever had about Life, the Universe and Everything.  Alpha isn’t a sermon or a service but conversation in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where no question is too big or too small.  Click here if you’d like further details.