Big News, People!

Dramatic announcements are like buses – you wait for ages and then two come along at once.

So, dramatic announcement no.1:

img_7302Don’t worry!  Stop weeping!  Pick yourself back up off the floor and rediscover your reason for existence.  The cafe is only closing for 3 days – Mon/Tues/Wed from 3rd-5th October – so we can do our annual refurbish/ refresh/ repaint/ remodel to keep the cafe as gorgeous as it can possibly be.

We have some new ideas we want to try with decoration and layout (here’s a clue: Goliath is involved) and we reckon we can create space for a few more seats without sacrificing the flow and space and cosy corners we all love.  I’m not sure words can actually express the buzz and business of a typical lunchtime in Dock Cafe these days – and every extra seating space we can create will allow a few more people to experience it!


Dramatic announcement no.2:

13226777_1071561736215598_194991009778409751_nNow this is a biggie.  Ever since it started as a glorified garden shed in Dock Cafe and then moved to its own unique, quirky space in Dock Market two years ago, our beloved handcrafted homemade market has been based here in the ARC apartments.  But we’ve recently been invited (scary/ exciting/ humbling/ amazing) to try holding the market in the pavilion area of the Odyssey – the bit you walk through from the Streat to W5.

13221468_1042760542462223_2142214884801871159_nWhat an opportunity!  So in true Dock Market style, our amazing team of brave marketeers are going to seize the opportunity with both hands.  The plan is to hold one more market – on Saturday 8th October – in our current space, as a way of saying farewell and thank you to a place where countless businesses were launched, talents were nurtured, friendships were born and a family emerged.  Don’t miss it!

dog-friendlyAnd then from Saturday 22nd October, Dock Market will try its new home for size.  Don’t worry – the market will still be hand-made, unique, quirky, inherently ‘Docky’.  The rule will still be, “If you make it, you can sell it”.  And it will still be dog-friendly!  But now a whole new world will be able to experience the unbridled creativity of our fabulous market traders.

So we have a lot to celebrate!

Not quite so dramatic but still jolly nice announcement no.3:

Dock-SN-2016-A5_wFirst Sunday of the month, 6pm, Dock Cafe.  This Sunday night we’ll be worshipping with the Chaplains Collective Experiment (ooh, need a new name), spending some time in prayer, and saying farewell and thank you to the cafe in its current form before we start attacking it with paintbrushes on Monday morning.

Seeya there!