The Constant Creativity of Dock volunteers

Dock Cafe has been hand-made by the people who use it, and live it, and love it.  That’s been true from the start – but recently I’ve really enjoyed finding all sorts of examples of how the boundless creativity of Dock volunteers is expressed in lots of little details of Dock life.

Like the Ideas Box – this appeared a few weeks ago, complete with  bulb for those Lightbulb Moments, so that Dock Cafe customers can tell us if they can think of any way to make the place any more amazing!

Or our new ‘decoupage’ table – pictured here with Cathryn who is now our resident ‘decoupager’.

She did such a great job on this little circular table that we’re setting her loose on some of the bigger tables around the room – so watch this space… And if you want to suggest ideas for pictures to appear on the tables, you can always put them – there’s an idea – in the Ideas Box!

And we’re even writing songs!  At last week’s Saturday  Night service we sang the very first worship song written by The Dock, for The Dock, by the incredibly talented Cath and Esther from the Saturday Nights team.

The lyrics are printed below – and if you want to hear the tune, which is utterly beautiful, you’ll have to come along to the next service on the first Saturday of May:

At the end of every day my heart will echo heaven’s praise,
As I kneel before the King whose endless love cannot be stayed.
All His tenderness has found me, His compassion never fades;
And He Fathers me forever in His mercy’s wide embrace.

At the end of all my hope and when my courage is but gone,
He reminds me that He’s faithful, He’s the rock I’m standing on;
For He paid for my redemption and He suffered my disgrace,
So that I can live forever in the light of mercy’s face.

At the end of all my striving let me fall down at His throne,
Casting off my ragged pride I trust in Jesus’ blood alone;
For it’s here before His judgement seat I find that I am free,
Where He lifts my shame forever and His mercy covers me.

To the end of all my journey He will Shepherd me by name,
With His righteousness my refuge when I cry to Him again;
For His grace is never-failing, so my strength and song will be:
That His goodness and His mercy have forever followed me.

© 2016 Cath Butler, Esther Simpson