Today I’m writing with sorrow and shock… We’ve lost one of our brightest and best, quiet gentleman Colin Simpson, whose funeral is at 11 on Friday in Willowfield Parish.

How to describe Colin’s impact on The Dock? He was a strong supporter of the whole enterprise right from the start; Colin and Esther were some of those brave few who embarked on the Dock Walks through the wind and rain in the wilds of the emerging Titanic Quarter (along with their family leading the way on scooters!) as the Dock vision formed.

Over a year ago, he took on the leadership of the little team that plans the Sunday Night services; never has a team been led more gently but firmly! At the end of each planning meeting we would realise that without really noticing it, we had covered all the practicalities, planned and prepared everything that needed to be planned and prepared, but also had the chance to tell the stories of our lives, pray for each other, listen for guidance and dream big dreams. At the end of those meetings I would always leave encouraged and inspired.

If you’ve ever been to one of our Sunday Night services, Colin was probably the one who welcomed you, served your cup of coffee and kept an eye out for new arrivals. Colin and Esther finished each service by offering to pray with people in the Dock Prayer Garden and I know loads of people who found those prayer times immensely healing and helpful – me included!

He had a fantastic gentle way of being firm… Every time we were setting up the band with Yours Truly on the keyboards, he would listen carefully as I bashed and thumped away on the keys. “Maybe the keyboard needs to come down a little in the mix”, he would say, and I would dutifully bash and thump the keys at a mere 99% of the volume of the first run. “Maybe a little less keyboard in the mix” he would say again…. He never lost his temper no matter how many times this cycle was repeated – and I’m not sure the keyboard was EVER low enough in the mix for his satisfaction!

Colin and Esther have led us for our most memorable Sunday nights – they introduced us to ‘Lectio Divina’ and brought countless doses of inspiration to our little community. Just last week, when all seemed well with the world, Esther was speaking about the loneliness of our fractured and isolated modern world and the need for authentic, loving community. I know that the Dock gang will rise to that challenge as Esther and her family need that support, prayer and love in the days to come.

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  1. Such sad news but like you say Colin touched so many lives and helped them quietly on their life journey in introduced them to Jesus in a quiet and lovely manner they will never forget. We were on some of those first walks and would have loved to continue but we lived in Newry and the journey was just to much. However when we are in Belfast we always call in and tell other abou your place of nourishment of food for body and soul. My hear goes out to Ester really can’t imagine what she is feeling at this moment. I am certain god will not leave her and will be in the community who will never leave her. God be with you all at this time.

  2. Very well put, an outstanding gentleman and Christian. I had the privilege of being in Life Group with Colin over the last year; when Colin contributed to the study it was always with insight and meaning, always deep and thoughtful.

    Sadly he was with us for the last time on the Thursday before he died. Full of life and care for others. When he smiled the room lit.

    Always in our hearts.

  3. I knew Colin from Willowfield
    He was kind, intuitive and wise .
    I can’t believe that he is gone
    My thoughts and prayers are with Esther and their lovely family

  4. Colin..
    ..was an incredible guy physically on earth, and will be a most incredible spirit to walk with Angels by Esther’s and the kids side every day.

    One of the most generous, patient, kind, compassionate, loving and wise people I ever got to know.

    There is a Colin shaped hole in our community today, which is incredibly sad, but he has blessed us with an incredible family who will keep him alive through their own individual and unified actions. This is a family that has grown with Colin, learned from Colin and been blessed by Colin. This is a family who grow to be wise, and who will bless us all with Colin’s further blessing, even in his passing.

    I have never known a more humble guy than Colin, who spoke he right words when they were needed and held back on words that were not.

    We will all miss you Colin Simpson!!!
    Much love buddy,
    Jonny W

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