Our toilet has a twin!

If you’ve ever been stuck in the Queue For The Loo at Dock Cafe, you will have wished fervently that we had a second toilet.  Well now we do (sort of) – it’s just that it’s about 6,644 miles away!

Dock Cafe’s toilet is now twinned through Toilet Twinning with a latrine in Kagandu village in Uganda.  Any toilet can be twinned with a loo in the developing world; one in three people worldwide don’t have a loo – and the consequences for poor hygiene, communication of disease, and lack of personal safety (especially for women) are catastrophic.

It doesn’t cost the Earth to twin your loo – and when you do, you get a cool little certificate, like the one which now proudly resides on Dock Cafe’s toilet, with a picture of its twin and GPS co-ordinates of its location so you can check it out on Google Maps!

It’s kinda appropriate that Dock Cafe’s loo is now providing a gift to others – as it was itself a gift, a massively generous (and massively appreciated) donation from a group of builders who frequented Dock Cafe in the early days.  I’ll never forget the moment when they arrived through the doors of Dock Cafe, bearing the porcelain in their arms, to announce that they were going to install our very first toilet!

You can see the whole story (and find out the answer to the pressing question, what did we do before there was a loo?!) in this little video:

And if you’re inspired by seeing the difference that one toilet has made in our lives in the Dock, in this developed part of the world, just think how much a toilet can transform lives in parts of the world that can’t take sanitation for granted.  So get twinning!

What a movement we will begin!  It won’t be money down the drain.  I second that motion!  And so on (insert your own pun here)