Slices of life

The sun is streaming through the windows of Dock Cafe.  The door is propped open to allow a cooling sea breeze to waft through.  The students are wearing expressions of either a) pre-exam terror or b) post-exam contentment.  The number of tourists seems to increase every day –  the ‘Pin Where You Come From’ map is becoming full-to-bursting.  Everyone has that nice sun-soaked vibe that just cannot be replicated on a rainy day in December.  Summer is here!

So a few little slices of Dock life from the last few weeks…

A chilled-out cafe on a sunny afternoon:

A fantastic group of students from Murray State University in Kentucky – fresh off the plane:

…and squeezed into the Wee Tram!

A little taste of Heaven: the Dock gang worshipping together at our Sunday Night service as the setting sun streams in through the windows:

And the Titanic Quarter community taking shape: the ARC residents forum meeting at Dock Cafe to hear the latest news and get to know the neighbours:

And a few snapshots of birthday cake, thank you notes, knitting groups, glowing reviews and far-flung visitors…

Life in the Titanic Quarter – life in all its fulness!