We’re closed for the weekend – honestly! (sort of)

So I just popped into the cafe to write a quick post on the website to tell you about our Easter closing… but as I was hammering away on the computer, lots of friendly looking people were looking cold and thirsty at the locked door.  And, y’know, it was kinda lonely just typing away on my own.  So I brewed up a quick flask of coffee… and now this is what a “closed” Dock Cafe looks like!

But definitely, definitely, when we’ve all warmed up, the doors will be shut again for a few days as the Dock Cafe volunteers take a well-earned rest until Tuesday 3rd April – when the kettle will be back on again properly.  Honestly!

Of course we’ll be open on Easter Sunday evening for our monthly Sunday Nights At The Dock – which this month just so happens (for the first time) to fall perfectly on Easter Day, so we can gather as a Dock community to pray, worship and celebrate the good news at the centre of our faith.   Join us from 6pm onwards in the cafe.


Next time you’re in the cafe you’ll see our snazzy new ‘How The Dock Works’ cards on all the tables.

This is the conversation that never gets old…  Every single day we find new people arriving in the cafe without really knowing that it’s a crazy weird Honesty Box cafe… so this is the Cheat Sheet!